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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I control Marestail?
You need a total weedkiller such as Pearl... read full article here.

Q: I’ve got ragwort in my pony paddock. What can I do?
Spring is the best time for spraying ragwort, Headland Staff is the product to use... read full article here.

Q: Moss is taking over my lawn, can you help?
Moss can be a serious issue both in the Spring and Autumn, find out how to kill and prevent it from returning... read full article here.

Q: My driveway is covered in weeds – how can I get rid of them?
A contact or residual weed killer is the solution to this problem... read full article here.

Q: Japanese knotweed is spreading in my garden and I’m worried it will get too big to control – what can I do to kill it?
 You can kill invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed with either Gallup Proactive or Gallup Pro Vantage ... read full article here.