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Weeds and Driveways

Treatment of weeds on waste ground, under fencelines and on driveways

Broadly speaking there are 2 classifications of weed killers. Those that work by direct ‘contact’ with the weed and those that are ‘residual’. Contact weedkillers only kill the weeds they are sprayed onto hence the name given as ‘contact’ products. This means that the sprayed weeds will die, but new weeds will germinate and grow back.

The majority of contact weedkillers contain the active ingredient ‘glyphosate’ which is very active on weeds and gives consistently good results.

Residual weed killers work by leaving a chemical deposit in the top layer of the soil which prevents weeds from germinating and will continue to kill them for a number of months depending upon the product of choice used and how persistent it is. The more persistent products may only require one application per year.

In certain situations you may want to kill the existing weeds by using a contact weed killer and then mix it with a residual to give persistant control.

With residual weed killers you have to ensure that the likelihood of any ‘run off’ is minimised by only applying them to a porous surface. If run off occurs, then the residual weed killer will affect non target areas.

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