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Moss Control


In simple terms, moss is a group of none flowering plants that quickly spread as a spongy green mass on non cultivated soil.

Moss can be a serious issue both in the Spring and Autumn and is often found where a lawn is in the shade and drainage is poor.

Moss produces millions of tiny spores that then spread via rainwater from the main plant. Removing the moss with a suitable lawn treatment is easy, however, it would be beneficial to try and remove some of the conditions that moss favours in order to reduce the problem in the future.

Moss in a lawn is usually a good indicator that:

  • Area is shaded from regular sunshine
  • The area remains wet for long periods of time
  • Nutrient level of the soil is low
  • The grass may be cut too short
  • Soil is compact


Feed Weed And Moss Killer
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Don’t try to rake out the moss before it has been killed by a lawn treatment because this will only spread the spores around and make matters worse.

Apply the 3 in 1 Feed Weed and Mosskiller in Spring and the moss will turn brown/black in a week. Once this happens you need to rake out the debris.

In order to prevent the moss from returning you need to take steps to improve the Conditions that moss favours. You can do this in various steps.


  • Remove shade

Where possible, try to reduce the height of hedges and cut back over growing branches of trees and shrubs to allow the sun to reach all areas of the lawn. Sun and wind will dry out the soil surface and moss will therefore be discouraged. If this is impossible and the shade cannot be reduced, it might be an alternative idea to turn this area of lawn into a bed and plant with shade loving plants.


  • Drainage

By improving the drainage the soil won’t remain permanently wet.

By spiking the affected area, this will allow the air to get in air, which in turn improves the drainage and generally reduces the compaction of the soil.

There are two ways of achieving this:

In areas of minimal moss issues, place a garden fork into the area at approx 6” (15cm) intervals as deep as possible. Where moss is more of a perpetual and continual problem you can buy or hire a piece of equipment which when driven into the lawn removes small plugs of soil at regular intervals. These plugs need to be removed from the lawn and the holes then filled with good soil. This enriched addition will improve the organic matter of the soil, which in turn will improve drainage and reduce compaction. As a result, the roots of the existing grass plants will be encouraged to root even deeper and the grass should become thicker and healthier.

Try to avoid watering the lawn in summer unless necessary due to the grasses wilting from lack of moisture. If watering is essential, spike the area with a garden fork to reduce run-off and to ensure good drainage of any excess water


  • Reseeding

Once the moss has died off you may have bare patches. Where such patches occur, seed the area with a shade tolerant grass seed mix.


  • Aerate the Soil

In autumn remove small plugs of soil with a piece of equipment designed for this purpose. In the holes that have been created leave a thin layer of enriched soil on the surface so this can be pulled into the ground by worms. This is especially beneficial on light sandy soils that are shallow.


  • Reseeding

Once the moss has died off you may find you have bare patches! Where such patches occur, seed the area with a shade tolerant grass seed mix.

Rake the soil to make a fine seed bed and sprinkle the selected grass seed over the area lightly. Cover the seed with good soil and keep moist until the grass seed germinates. If the whole lawn is sparse, then you can over-seed the complete lawn with a sprinkling of grass seed applied either in the Spring or Autumn. In just a few weeks you will have a thick, dark green lawn that will be strong enough to ward off moss problems.


Moss can also be a huge problem on hard surfaces. Use MMC Pro which is a surface biocode against mosses on tarmac, slate/tile roofs and all stone or concrete surfaces.


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LIQUID MOSSKILLER PLUS NITROGEN is a concentrate for foliar application. It is particularly recommended for turf for fast acting moss control, grass hardiness, 'green up' effect and will help to reduce pH

A quick acting moss killer blackening moss within hours - once sprayed it saturates moss and kills it quickly and efficiently

This incredible formulation with seaweed extract also encourages grass growth, improving the rooting and the greening effect, giving a lush green colour effect

•Controls moss on turf grass throughout the year
•Dramatically improves turf colour
•Stimulates rapid turf recovery

One Pack Treats over 320 square metres!!!

WHEN TO USE: Liquid Moss Killer plus Tonic may be applied between March and late September, as treatment is most effective during the Spring and Autumn.


Liquid Moss Killer Plus Tonic
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