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GLYPHOS DAKAR 10 KG  £160.00 Inc VAT
GLYPHOS DAKAR 10 KG X 5  £760.00 Inc VAT

Product Description


  • A unique, water soluble glyphosate technology for effective total weed control
  • Highest load glyphosate for enhanced performance
  •  Clean label – no hazard symbols
  •  Unique soluble granule formulation in easily disposable   plastic bags
  •  Safer and easy to use
  •  97% reduction in packaging
  •  No triple rinsing or disposal of containers required
  •  Can be applied through CDA applicators

    Each pack will treat up to 40,000m2

    Dakar is a dust free, extruded, water soluble granule with excellent
    handling characteristics. The granules dissolve easily and are completely cold water soluble. Each 10kg pack will treat up to 40,000m2 (4 hectares). The design of the resealable packs ensures that they can be emptied completely with no rinsing.
    Standard glyphosate 4x5 litres (treats 4 hectares)

    A foliar-applied herbicide for the control of most annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds.

    Glyfos Dakar is translocated from the treated leaves throughout the plant and to underground roots, rhizomes and stolons. Symptoms such as gradual wilting and yellowing of foliage are rapidly visible in grass weeds but are slower to appear in broad-leaved weeds.

    Cultivation and drilling can take place 6 hours after application to control annual broad-leaved weeds, 24 hours after spraying annual grasses and 5 days after spraying perennial weeds. If direct drilling is practised 6 hours after application only small annual weeds should be present. Allow minimum 7 days if weather conditions are not favourable and before planting of trees, ornamentals, vegetables etc.

    1. Weather Conditions

    For best results a rain-free period of 6 hours (and preferably 24 hours) is required after application of Glyfos Dakar.

    Extreme care should be taken to avoid spray drift as this can severely damage or destroy neighbouring crops or plants.

    Action of Glyfos Dakar will be slower in cooler weather. It should not be used under frosty conditions while weed growth is reduced by natural senescence.

    Treating weeds which are suffering from drought stress may result in reduced efficacy.


Active Ingredient

68% w/w glyphosate

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