PEARL For the effective control of marestail

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 For the control of Marestail





All products containing Glufosinate-ammonium are due to be withdrawn from the market, this will mean you will no longer be able to purchase or use the product. The final purchase date is 31st January 2019. 


PEARL is an effective total weed killer for many grasses and weeds, as well as being highly effective on  marestail (horsetail. The formulation of PEARL is the same as Whippet, so users of PEARL have complete assurance of the effectiveness. 

PEARL also has the benefit of additional uses on the label -  making it a highly versatile total herbicide.

AREAS OF USE - Now has approval for use on hard surfaces - block paving, patios and compact bare soil.

 Can also be used an as alternative to glyphosate products .

Approved for preparation of line marking on sports turf ; for weed control along fence lines .

Marestail (horsetail) application: Apply to growing weeds that are green and 20cm plus.  Treated weeds will turn black and wither within 2 - 3 weeks. PEARL is a  fast acting non selective herbicide which degrades on contact with the soil. You can replant sprayed areas within 3 days of treatment Results can be seen within 7 - 14 days.  PEARL can be sprayed with a knapsack or boom sprayer

Apply once weeds are approx 8" high. Mix 25ml PEARL in 1 ltr water and apply as a foliar spray which covers 50m2 

Apply between 1st March and  30th September

PEARL  controls a wide range of annual and perennial weeds 


Active Ingredient

150 gm/ltr glufosinate ammonium

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