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INJECTORDOS Japanese Knotweed Injection Applicator

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As Seen  £330.00 Inc VAT

Product Description



INJECTORDOS is a metered, dose injection applicator for invasive weed control

Specifically designed for elimimating invasive weeds such a Japanese Knotweed. It also provides and effective and safe way to treat weeds in places where spray applicators are unsuitable.

· Sharp robust needle delivers herbicide right to the centre of the stem. Typically used with undiluted glyphosate based herbicides

· A 'dial in' facility allows to adjust and control the dispenses volume

· No loss of product to the environment

· Liquid supply can be easily shut off using an in-line tap

· A finer second needle included for treating re-growth

· Lightweight design, simple cleaning and maintenance

· Designed for repetative and frequent use by contractors, ergonomically shaped handle to reduce muscle fatigue

· Comes COMPLETE with a 1 LTR BACKPACK to replenish the applicator via a length of hose, includes back straps for comfort, a length of hose, nitrile gloves, 2 needles of different thickness,  all presented in a padded box for ease of storage and protection.

To disconnect the backpack from the applicator, liquid supply is simply shut off using an in-line tap. The injector features chemical resistant seals for extended product longevity.

 This product is for professional use only

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