BLUE MARKER DYE - See easily where you've sprayed

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See EASILY where you've sprayed

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BLUE MARKER DYE Clearly identifies what areas have been sprayed, eliminating double applications and preventing over application of herbicide.

 BLUE MARKER DYE is a spray pattern indicator dye which aids operators to ensure correct application of spray solutions such as pesticides. It highlights clearly where there is overlapping, misses and also indicates any blocked nozzles during the spraying process.  BLUE MARKER DYE  is based on an environmentally friendly benign food grade dye technology.

 BLUE MARKER DYE, once applied, breaks down naturally within 48 hours either by rainfall or sunlight degradation.

  • Low application rates
  • Economical to use.

Application rates

Use within the range of 50ml - 200ml per 100 litres, adjust to gain the the required target colour

For Knapsack application, use up to 40ml per 5 litres (adjust if deeper colour needed but always start with the lowest rate of blue marker dye first)

Rates vary depending upon vegetation type, the surface applied to and the depth of colour required. 

Active Ingredient

None hazardous food grade dye

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