Activator 90 Increases chemical coverage

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5 ltr  £45.99 Inc VAT

Product Description


Non-ionic wetter to increase chemical coverage

Improves pesticide performance

Reduces drift

Improves retention

Has a built-in anti-foam/defoamer
There is no risk of over wetting and run-off


Activator 90 can be used on all edible and non- edible crops with all approved pesticides
that have a recommendation for use with a non-i onic wetter. Activator 90 can be used to
reduce drift.

Rate of Use: Maximum concentration of 0.1% dilution of the final water volume. For example 200 ml in
200 litres of water.

Water Volume The water volume is governed by that stated on the partner pesticide
Mixing Sequence Half fill the spray tank with water and commence agitation. Add the required quantity of
Activator 90 then add the recommended quantity of pesticide. Continue agitation while
topping up the tank and during spraying.
Pack Size 5 litres.



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