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5L Gallup Amenity + Weed Wipe  £72.99 Inc VAT

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GALLUP BIOGRADE AMENITY is a foliar applied translocated herbicide for the control of emerged weeds in industrial situations, forestry and aquatic areas.

Key benefits:

Value for money
Excellent performance
Non selective, non residual
Highly concentrated formulation
Flexible application rates
Wide range of applications
Controls a wide variety of weed species
Systemic activity gives effective control of roots, shoots and leaves
Available in 5 litre containers

Ideal for site preparation for landscaping, Industrial sites, Around buildings etc

MICROWIPE WEEDWIPE is an EASY TO USE hand-held weed wiper designed for selective application of systemic chemicals targeting the weeds and without affecting surrounding plants! With no over spray to damage your ornamental plants PLUS chemical usage is reduced by as much as 80%! MICROWIPE WEEDWIPE is an excellent choice for gardens of all shapes and sizes.

MICROWIPE WEEDWIPE has significant advantages over conventional methods of application including knapsack sprayers for spot treatment or treating sensitive areas. MICROWIPE WEEDWIPE is highly economical and selective. The concentrated herbicide that you place within the MICROPWIPE WEEDWIPE is applied only to those plants that the rope wick comes into contact with. By swiping the MICROPWIPE WEEDWIPE over the leaves of a weed, a small dose of chemical is transferred to the target weed only, ensuring surrounding plants remain uncontaminated. MICROPWIPE WEEDWIPE's clear handle doubles as a reservoir (tube) for chemicals such as glyphosate which allows users to easily monitor the liquid level. It is ideal for the treatment of dock leaves and thistles etc as well as in between rows of plants or around trees or any other situations where conventional application treatments would be too difficult. MICROPWIPE WEEDWIPE is particularly suited for use with glyphosate products. Click on our shop link for glyphosate and other suitable products available for use with this purchase

Light & Easy to Use
Ideal for use in treating sensitive application situations
Economical to use - minimum water requirement



Active Ingredient

360g/l glyphosate.

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