Wildflower Grass Mix - Wetland

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Product Description

Suitable for wet, moist and damp soils also on saturated banks of ponds, rivers, ditches and streams. All the Wildflower Mixtures contain 80% grasses and 20% native British wild flowers. The mixture composition is specially formulated to meet a number of different habitats and soil types. This can range from a hedgerow habitat to shaded areas. Low maintenance grass species are added (see below) in the mixture to aid in the early years of establishment and growth. The grasses also help surpress weed infestation whilst allowing the wild flowers to bloom and flourish.

Contains: Betony, red campion, greater birdsfoot trfoil, knpaweed, meadow buttercup, meadow sweet, oxeye daisy, purple loosestrife, ragged robin, self heal, sneezewort, water avens

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