Organic Based Feed Weed & Moss Killer - 1 PACK TREATS 285 SQ METRES

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Ideal for feeding lawns and tackling weeds and moss in the lawn.

ORGANIC BASED granular TRIPLE  ACTION  lawn feed, weed killer and moss killer. 

Moss and Weed control complete with a balanced fertiliser. Easy to apply, slow release.

Treats 285 square metres.

Weeds Controlled: Many common broad-leaved weeds, including:

Common Mouse Ear
Common Chickweed
Creeping Buttercup

Apply: Anytime between late spring and early autumn when the grass and weeds are actively growing. 
Application Rate: 70g/m2
Ueful Tip: Do not apply on very wet grass or in frost or drought conditions. Choose a time when the soil is moist and the grass is dry.

How to Use
Wait a minimum of 3 days after last mowing the lawn. This will allow weeds to grow and have more leaf area to absorb the weedkiller.
Apply at 70gms per square metre, either by hand or with a spreader. Wear gloves and sprinkle the product evenly. This product requires moisture in order to break down the pellets and release the active ingredients.  If rain has not fallen within 24 -48 hours of application or there is insufficient moisture, water in throughly.   Wait at least 3 -4 days after application before mowing the lawn

What to Expect
The lawn will become a richer, greener colour within a week.
Moss will blacken as it dies and can be raked out after 7-10 days to encourage new grass growth.
Weeds will grow vigorously at first and then become distorted and die. Maximum weed control is achieved in about 2-3 weeks.
A second application may be required after 6 weeks for lawns badly infested with weeds or moss. 

Active Ingredient

 NPK  + MCPA, Dichlorprop-p and Ferrous Sulphate

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