SUPER POND CLARIFIER - Treats 7000 ltrs water!

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A totally harmless, biological water treatment product for the control of algae and blanket weed in ornamental ponds and other water bodies. As a result aesthetic properties are greatly improved and the practical problems such as filter and pipe-work blockages are largely eliminated.

Fast acting Super Pond Clarifier is harmless to humans, fish, animals, birds, amphibians and plants. Uses harmless bacteria to remove and exclude phosphorus (P) and notrogen (N) which otherwise encourage the development of algae and blanket weed.
Also stimulates other beneficial bacteria which work to keep the water clean and healthy.


7-way control to free your pond from blanket weed and algae:

  • Works immediately to remove phosphates, the essential food source for blanket weed and algae.
  • Uses beneficial bacteria and enzymes to remove nitrates and all nitrogen compounds.
  • Stimulates blanket weed and algae to rapid growth which cannot be maintained due to lack of nutrients resulting in starvation and death.
  • Uses super bacteria and enzymes to out-compete algae and blanket week for nutrients, preventing re-growth.
  • Digests organic matter to stop new nutrients forming, which clarifies the water.
  • Uses essential trace elements, vitamins and bio stimulants to maximise the performance of beneficial bacteria and organisms in the water. 
  • Prevents new nutrients developing from fish faeces and organic matter.
    Super Pond Clarifier is beneficial for fish and all living things in your pond because it is a biological treatment and will quickly improve their environment. It will also condition the water quickly in a new pond for plants and fish.



It is best to use at the beginning of the season once the water temperature has reached 10oC and before blanket weed and algae have appeared. 

If you have fish, sprinkle on a dose of 20-30 grams (4 – 6 heaped teaspoons) per 700 litres (150 gallons) of pond water (depending on the amount of algae/blanket weed present), across the pond surface every other day for 9 days (5 doses in all). 

If you don’t have fish present, then 100 – 150 grams per 700 litres may be scattered over the pond in one go. 

If you already have blanket weed and scum, remove as much as you can with a net or other means, then feed twice the dose every other day for 9 days. After dosing the pond, cloudiness may be observed for a few days. This is harmless and will soon clear. As the product works, vegetation will float to the surface and should be removed with a net. Within a few days pond odours will have disappeared and you will have clear water. If your pond is heavily stocked with fish or receives water run-off with high nitrogen (N) and phosphate (P) levels then you may get signs of re-emergence later in the season, in which case sprinkle a single dose of 15 grams (3 heaped teaspoons) per 700 litres (150 gallons) over the pond to restore pristine conditions. 

Super Pond Clarifier is a biological product. Do not use within seven days of using algaecides, weedkillers or antibiotics quickly in a new pond for plants and fish.

 APPLICATION RATES: 1 kg treats 7000 litres (approximately 1500 gallons).

For more information about this product please see the Item Data Sheet (PDF)

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