Clover Plus

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5 kg (1 hectare pack)  £49.99 Inc VAT

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Pelleted Cloverplus is a unique blend of 5 of the highest performing clover varieties available covering the spectrum of leaf sizes from small through medium to large.

This blend will adapt to most management systems and is suitable for cattle and sheep. All vareties appear on both the SAC and BSPB/NIAB HVG recommended lists.

White clover is commonly included in grass seed mixtures at the time of sowing, but with the demise of many clover-safe herbicides the clover plants are often lost when emergent weeds are sprayed. Consequently there is a demand to sow the clover separately into the sward after broadleaved weeds have been controlled.

Rates: 5 kg per Hectare (2 kg per Acre)

Active Ingredient

Pelleted Clover Seed

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