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50/50 Liquid iron is a fast acting product for the rapid greening and toughening of grass surfaces; ideal prior to major sporting events or where a high quality professional class appearance is essential.

  • Available in a concentrated liquid formulation
  • Produces dark green turf
  • Controls moss
  • Toughens turf promoting disease resistance
  • Cost effective treatment for all types of amenity/sports turf surfaces
  • Sulphur content provides rapid short term pH reduction in the soil surface
  • Supplied in 10 litre containers
  • Potash and Nitrogen free formulation, ideal for all year-round application


50/50 Liquid iron offers the end user professional results at an affordable price.

  • Cost effective turf management
  • All year-round application for turf improvement
  • Applicable to all forms of sports amenity turf
  • Only apply as necessary, avoid excessive application
  • Ideal for application with pedestrian controlled powered or mounted sprayers


For best results apply when the ground is moist (However, avoiding heavy rain).   Application 50/50 liquid Iron. Apply at 300ml in 6 to 10 litres of water per 1000 M2 or 30 Litres in 600 to 1000 Litres of water per Hectare (10,000 M2).   Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

NB: Clean equipment thoroughly after use, failure to do so WILL result in excessive corrosion to equipment.

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