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SAPPHIRE PASTE  contains the single feed active brodifacoum in a highly palatable paste.

Sapphire Paste can control rodents in ONE FEED. The strength of Sapphire paste offers the user a great solution to control large infestations of rodents when other baits might not work.

This product is ideal for non professional users where rats are the target.

   Brodifacoum is a strong, single feed poison that is potentially harmful to non target animals and should always be used through a tamper proof station.

HOW TO USE:Firstly, look for signs of rat activity in and around your buildings.

Be vigilent as this could be a burrow or  a run. Rats are very cautious creatures and will run alongside buildings and look to hide in a covered location that might offer them some protection and safety.
Place your tamperproof bait station 5-10m apart  (where there are signs of rat activity and/or in areas where the rats would be safe and under cover.Place 60g (2 x 15 gm sachets) of Sapphire Paste into each bait station. 
Check the sapphire bait station every 5-7 days after the first treatment and replenish any rat bait that has been taken.Search for, remove and dispose of any dead rodents that are found. 

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL PPE: Related productshttps://www.chemigro.co.uk/Professional-Use/Protective-Clothing/NITRILE-GLOVES.aspx 

 Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, any animal becomes a 'protected animal' when it is 'under the control or man whether on a permanent or temporary basis'. Therefore an animal in such a trap is a protected animal, and if it suffers unneccesarily as a result of poor practice in the use of the trap, or through failure to release or kill the animal in an appropriate manner, then an offence of causing unneccesarily suffering under section 4 of the Act may have been commited

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