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 These greenhouse smokes are BIOPRO!! This means they have an added benefit of being able to keep the plants present during treatment in the greenhouse.


 BIOPRO Greenhouse smokes contain garlic oil, a known plant nutrient which stimulates the plants natural processes to produce a balanced healthy growth. By adding garlic to a smoke it is evenly distributed throughout the greenhouse giving all the plants the extra nutrients they need to boost their natural defences against disease and fight off insect attack.  

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Boosts plants natural defence to fight off insect attack
  • Non-tainting to plants 

Looking to Buy in Bulk?

For all Bulk order requirements please email info@chemigro.co.uk and an adviser will respond between 24 - 48 hours. A 10 to 15% discount is available on bulk orders depending on the product (on some products more). Please enquire for further details