POLO - A Selective Herbicide for the control of Tough Paddock Weeds

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Product Description

Headland Polo is a selective herbicide for the control of broad leaved weeds.

 Approved for use in grassland such as paddocks

Headland Polo controls ragwort as well as other weeds including docks, buttercups, nettles and thistles. 
 By applying two applications, one application during the spring months and another application during the autumn, ragwort will be completely susceptible to Headland Polo

Application Details

It is recommended that the first application of Headland Polo is applied in April/May and the second application applied when the ragwort is in good growing conditions,  usually around September/October.  Alternatively, the first application of Headland Polo can be applied in the autumn and the second in spring.
An autumn/spring application of headland polo will yield just as good results as a spring/autumn application.

Application Rates

Rate                         Area covered (acres)         

2.5 - 3.5 ltrs/Ha        8 - 10acres  per pack  

After treating weeds with Headland Polo, ensure that livestock are kept away from the treated area until the poisonous weeds eg, Ragwort, have died. 
If ragwort is present, keep livestock off treated area for 1 month. If ragwort is not present and other weeds have been treated, keep livestock off treated area for a minimum of 3 weeks. For further information regarding Headland Polo,  please refer to the product label or contact us directly




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