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This mixture has been formulated to provide grazing for ponies and horses with intermittent rests from grazing to provide a hay crop.

 Depending on any herbs present we would recommend the addition of a minimum of 250 gms of mixed herbs per acre (either mixed with the grass of preferably sown in strips in the sward) to improve the nutritional aspects of the sward. The mixture is designed to perform well with moderate inputs of nitrogen, but a good application before closing off for hay will produce the best results. 7% smooth stalked meadowgrass, 14$ creeping red fescue, 17% timothy, 62% late perennial ryegrass. All natural seed.

Sow at 10-15 kg per acre

Active Ingredient

15%early,30% intermediate,23% late perennial ryegrass, 16% strong creeping red fescue, 12% Timothy, 4% smooth stalked meadow grass

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