Equestrian Herb Mix

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This popular range of equestrian mixes satifies the demands of a diverse range of requirements from horse hay to herbs.

 All mixtures have been specifically formulated after consultation with Equine Nutritionists.

They have therefore avoided high sugar grasses because they can increase the risk of Laminitis in horses. The requirement in a mixture can vary depending on the type of horses involved and these mixtures cover the range for requirements we have had over the years from racing gallops to pony paddocks.

This mixture has been developed especially for ponies and horses which also includes a number of deep rooting and nutritious species which provide a good source of trace elements and minerals.

Mixed herbs are included in selected grass seed mixtures, but are also available separately for sowing in strips or islands in the field which often gives better establishment.

Available in 1 kg packs - Sow at 250 - 500 g/acre

SOWING RATES: For complete re-seeds we recommend a sowing rate of 15 - 20 ks per acre and for overseeds or improvements 10 - 15 kg per acre depending upon how much the sward has deteriorated.

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